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Tony Ilbery, Brett Buckley, and Lee Burrows and decided to attempt The Longest Day 2019, a golfing charity event designed to test skill, strength and stamina which they played at Concord's Massey Park Golf Club.

5.30AM-7.00PM // DAWN TO DUSK

4 ROUNDS // 72 HOLES // 18,100 METERS

Excited to take on the marathon golfing challenge of Cancer Council's The Longest Day, they arrived pre-sunrise and teed off at 5.15am on perfect golfing conditions at Massey Park.

TONY ILBERY: "I'm pumped to be doing this, it'll be my first charity fund-raising event and combining that with golf and a massive physical challenge of playing for 12-16 hours straight is the perfect event for me."

Handicap: 16

Goal: 340 strokes

BRETT BUCKLEY: "Love a round of golf (or four) and really looking forward to participating in The Longest Day, a great challenge and a sensational cause that everyone in Australia has unfortunately been effected by."

Handicap: 11

Goal: 320 strokes

LEE BURROWS: "I'm not much of a golfer, but I love challenging myself and charity events, you only have this life after all. The hardest part for me will be the golf, I'm expecting to hit a LOT of balls, but its not the score its the experience that counts."

Handicap: 30

Goal: 400 strokes

MASSEY PARK: Massey Park Golf Course is situated in Concord on the shores of picturesque Exile Bay and enjoys views of the city skyline.Only 20 minutes of centre of Sydney, it has become one of the most popular public golf courses in the metropolitan area.

At just under 5,000 metres, the par 66 course is made up of 7 x Par 3's, 10 x Par 4's and one Par 5. Playing comfortable bogey golf you'll be going round in 84, times that by our four back-to-back rounds and that a total of 336 strokes.

A big special "Thank You" to the whole team at Massey Park Golf Club for allowing us to play and for the local shout-outs by Concord Pulse.


Tony Ilbery: R1 +11

Brett Buckley: R1 +

Lee Burrows: R1 +30,

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