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Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Easter is just around the corner and while it's really important to include annual events in your content strategy and social media feed, it's even more important to do it well.

Most businesses will jump on the Easter bandwagon at some stage in the lead up to, or over the 4-day long weekend, posting something generic, uninspired and mundane. Then they'll be wondering why it tanked and didn't engage...... Please, don't be a boring average account this Easter

If your posts look like the ones below, please think again.

Get Creative!

It's not hard to go to a supermarket and spend $5 on a packet of chocolate eggs, place them into your business creatively and take a photo.

The below photo series was shot by @tonyilbery on an iPhone7plus for Angelo's Cabarita last year. Simply placing chocolate eggs in branded wine glasses and arrange on a plate in their restaurant connected Angelo's directly to the annual event and spoke about Easter specifically far more than a generic stock image or regram.

Creativity and social media go hand in hand, its so important that you showcase some in your posts, especially when everyone else will be showcasing similar content.

There are 7 days from the date of this post until Good Friday and the start to the Easter Long Weekend, that's plenty of time to get your thinking cap on, come up with an idea and shoot it. Remember it doesn't have to to be groundbreaking, or award-winning, just create some content to shows your business is connected to Easter.

If you are struggling for ideas feel free to reach out and chat to the Social Pulse team, together there's a great idea just waiting to be created.

by Tony Ilbery Founder and Creative

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