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You can never underestimate the power you and your team have with your customers, both in person and on social media. In March two Social Pulse partners posted photos of people in the business and they almost broke the internet. Ok, so honestly this wasn’t a Kardashian style literally breaking the internet moment with a photo of heart shaped hair or a champagne glass on an ass (don't tell us you didn’t see them everyone did), but we are talking awesome increases in likes and comments.

This is super important as Facebook business pages are getting their lowest organic reach of all time as Facebook continues push paid for posting like boost posts and advertising.

Organic results like these to are amazing for 2016, let alone March 2018.

Post: Photo

Subject: Salon owner Sheryle accepting a 10 year anniversary award from their salon product partner La Biosthetiques.


Likes +600%

Comments +800%

Reach +500%

This photo allowed customers and friends to see Sheryl's achievement and congratulate her.

Visit Couture's facebook page

Post: photo

Subject: Restaurant Manager Belle. Shot with a long zoom lens to capture a candid moment of Belle while she was talking to a customers


Likes +1670%

Comments +750%

Reach +460%

Rarely photographed Belle has been with Mario's for 20 years customers old and new loved seeing here.

Visit Mario's facebook page


  • People love people - this goes for you and your team, add some people photos into your feed.

  • Candid is easier - remember your team are not professional models so most will be nervous in front of a camera, so arrange shots to be taken

  • Less is more - part of the success of these photos so that they aren’t posted very often, if you suddenly add the team into every second image it will have the reverse effect.

  • Experiment - it's social media, we aren’t solving running the UN, you are allowed to experiment in your posts, see what works and what doesn’t without fearing and end to your business.


The old saying, “you don’t buy from a business, you buy from people.” rings true on social media too. You people are your business's greatest investment, make sure you showcase them as well to your fans and followers.

by Tony ilbery

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